Reasons to Become a Mobile Application Tester

I saw a post recently on that listed the Top 10 Reasons to Become a Mobile Application Tester.  I agree with all 10 reasons, however, I’m going to give a couple more reasons. 

1. Mobile application testers are in high demand!

Here’s another post on that talks about the growing demand of mobile application developers and testers. To see how true this is, I did a search for “mobile developer” on and got back 1,890 results. Of course, this doesn’t include other searches like “mobile engineer” (2,228 results) and “mobile programmer” (215 results).

Next, I performed a search for “mobile tester” and got back 104 results and “mobile QA engineer” (322 results).  These numbers are small in comparison, however, this shows that the demand is there.  I believe this number will grow even more after companies realize they need a software tester with expertise in mobile testing because their developers cannot double task or do not deliver the quality mobile applications they desire.

2. There are more defects to be found.

The lack of mobile developers will force companies to transition existing developers (or hire new ones) to mobile development.  Some might put these developers through training, but it’s highly unlikely that they will have the money to do that. What’s this mean? That’s right…more defects.


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My name is Josh Ward and I am a Senior Business Analyst/Test Coordinator for Doxpop, LLC in Richmond, IN. I just started working for Doxpop, previously working as a software testing consultant in the Indianapolis area for 5 1/2 years. I graduated from Ball State University in May of 2007 with a B.A in English Studies and a minor in Business Information Technology.

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